This Christmas, give to the people who need it the most.

Choose from gifts ranging from a $6.00 Bible to a $16,000 vehicle. Anything you can give will help those less fortunate than you. Please consider helping the poor people of South Asia this Christmas.

Choose from 3 Areas of Need

Resources for Pastors

For many national pastors attending Bible college or seminary is not an option due to lack of funds and/or availability. HHI is coming alongside these pastors by encouraging, equipping, training and providing resources for them so they can minister to their churches more effectively and reach the unreached areas of South Asia.

Livelihood Projects

Wherever Jesus went He met the needs of the people and preached the gospel. By meeting the needs of others you take away whatever may be distracting them from hearing the gospel. When you give a livelihood gift, you not only help individual families but the whole village. In doing so you put the gospel on display!


When your sponsor a child or widow, not only are their physical needs being met for $34/per month but their spiritual as well. None of the women currently residing at Krupa Home were believers when they first came. But now all have come to Christ, been baptized and attend church regularly. They have Bible studies and prayer meetings weekly.