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Because of the generous gift of a ministry friend, the Frontier Hope Tailoring Center opened its doors in October 2014. It is an outreach of a church located in a village in South Asia, which is pastored by one of the graduates of the Timothy Leadership Institute.

This Tailoring Center is providing a source of income for four women who attend the church and that will completely change the financial situation of their families. This is a wonderful gift for them! It doesn’t simply meet an immediate need but will meet needs in the future as well.

But the impact doesn’t stop there. There are also six women from the community who are non-believers that have been invited to come to the Tailoring Center for training and later to work. This is good in so many ways!

– First, the Christian ladies can befriend the non-believers and their lives will be a testimony.
– Second, the income will meet real needs in the families of the non-Christian women.
– Third, the church is seen as a place where love and kindness are present, even for those of a different faith.

The gifts you provide are used as evangelistic tools, a means of showing the love of Christ to those who desperately need it. They are also a means of encouraging those who partner with us: staff, pastors, widows, orphans, children and those who work behind the scenes.

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