Equipping Pastors

At Hope and Help, we reach the people of South Asia in so many different ways. 

Hope and Help for Pastors

It is our belief that the hope for South Asia is not more money or more resources, rather we believe it is the national pastors evangelizing, baptizing and discipling the unreached people of India and South Asia!

However, for many national pastors, attending Bible college or seminary is not an option due to lack of funds and/or availability. HHI is coming alongside these pastors by encouraging, equipping, training and providing resources for them so they can minister to their churches more effectively and reach the unreached areas of South Asia. Our goal is to do this without creating a dependency on outside resources or personnel.


Timothy Leadership Institute

The Timothy Leadership Institute (TLI) is a two week intensive training held annually for three consecutive years. The TLI offers help to the national pastors/leaders by providing Bible knowledge, spiritual growth and practical ministry skills without them having to leave their ministries or families. It also provides an opportunity to meet other pastors from their area for fellowship, prayer, to build and strengthen relationships and to join in ministry efforts. The cost to sponsor a pastor to attend the TLI is only $250 per year and this provides food, lodging, books & supplies and a small gift to help his family since the pastor is unable to work for the 2 weeks of the institute.

Resources for Pastors

At the core of Hope and Help are the pastors. The whole reason we exist is to train, equip, encourage and help them in every aspect of their ministry, so that they can impact South Asia for the Kingdom.

Equipping pastors means more than just training them, it also means we help provide the resources they need to minister effectively. Often these resources help open doors to share the gospel with the unreached in their villages.