Home for Widows and Abandoned Women

Nages was only sixty years old when she came to The Home. Her alcoholic husband, had died 11 years earlier. He had spent almost everything he earned on liquor, so Nages had to work hard to support her son and daughter and to find spouses for them. Once they married she hoped life might be a little easier.

Unfortunately, her son became paralyzed and could no longer work. His wife left him and Nages had to care for him. His condition worsened and he passed away. With nowhere else to go she went to her daughter’s home, but her son-in-law didn’t like her being there and forced her to leave. She took to the streets to beg; she was helpless, alone, and without hope.

The Home is a place of grace for widows, aged and abandoned women.

The life of the women who live there is a sharp contrast to what they were facing for their last years of life as homeless beggars, depending on the kindness of passersby for their livelihood. They no longer have to wonder where they will sleep at night, they don’t have to fear being hungry because they receive three balanced meals a day, they also receive medical care when they are sick.

Not only are their physical needs being met for $34/per month but their spiritual needs are as well.