Helping Children

At Hope and Help, we reach the children of South Asia in so many different ways. 

Residential Schools

Hope and Help International is partnering with several schools to provide education, physical care and spiritual training to the children of rural uneducated parents. While many organizations provide child care, Hope and Help is committed to a holistic approach to child development.

The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We believe that the spiritual aspect should be at the forefront of any child’s development.

In the schools we sponsor, the curriculum follows the highest academic standards. The largest of these is a school for more than 1,200 students, about 120 of whom are residential students sponsored by HHI. 

School Children

Bridging Schools

In many cases, children from the slum villages have been able to attend school only sporadically. This can be attributed either to a lack of finances or the need for the child to work to help support the family. This means that the child is not able to do the school work appropriate for his or her grade level.

In order to prepare the child to do the work in his or her grade, Hope and Help has established bridging schools. These schools are held in the slum villages. The emphasis is on teaching the basics so that the child will be prepared for the possibility of education at a higher level.


Children who grow up without parents, live on the streets, don't go to school, and have to steal food in order to eat, have insurmountable odds of having a successful adulthood. They will most likely fail in their relationships, have run-ins with the law, and struggle just to keep a job. They are at high risk for being victims of human trafficking.

HHI-sponsored orphanages exist to rescue those very children from their plight in life. Each orphanage is set up like a home, so that the kids who come in will know what it’s like to have a family and to be loved and secure.

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School Supplies

Back to school shopping is big business in the US. Each year school supplies seem to show up on store shelves in July – while camps are still in session, kids are still splashing and having fun at the pool or on the beach. The list of supplies seems to get longer each year!

This is not the case in developing countries. School supplies are a luxury few can afford. In third world countries education is key to overcoming poverty and protecting children from becoming a victim of trafficking.