Mercy Ministries

At Hope and Help, we reach the people of South Asia in so many different ways. 

Disaster Relief

Anytime a disaster strikes an area in which one of our partners is ministering, HHI endeavors to help by providing emergency aid. Whether it is an earthquake, a flood, fire, or pandemic there are always many opportunities to show the love of Christ by meeting practical needs. In many cases, this kind of help offered at a time of crisis has softened hearts to hear the message of the gospel.

Persecution is a man-made disaster that affects believers throughout South Asia. Recently, we provided food and clothes for those who were forced to flee their homes and we aided in the rebuilding of churches and homes that were destroyed by those who try to frighten Christians into silence.


Livelihood Projects

Wherever Jesus went He met the needs of the people and preached the gospel. By meeting the needs of others you take away whatever may be distracting them from hearing the gospel.

When you give a livelihood gift, you not only help individual families but the whole village. In doing so you put the gospel on display!

If you are interested in helping to make a difference in the life of a family and/or village, we would love to give you more information.

Medical Ministry

Hope and Help regularly partners with our local leaders in South Asia by organizing medical mission teams who go into areas that are underserved medically and provide basic medical care. The service of a medical team helps to open doors of ministry for our local partners as people from all backgrounds and religious affiliations come to receive medical care. The gospel is shared and relationships are built that can result in future outreach.


Christmas Hope

The purpose of our Christmas Hope trips is to use the giving of gifts as a platform to share the greatest gift of all, the gospel!

Many times, these gifts are used to help a family earn a living so that the kids can enroll in school and the family can afford nutritious food and see a doctor when they are sick.

A gift has the power to reach far beyond the recipient and to impact an entire community.