Become Conferences

Become Conferences (US) were started to provide an opportunity for teenage girls to get away from the pressures of life, in a relaxed environment, to learn who they are in Christ. Internationally, Become Conferences offer girls an opportunity to do the same. The difference being they live in a culture which sees females as inferior and rarely allows opportunities for them to grow both spiritually and educationally.

There’s a lot of pressure in the world for girls to look, dress and behave a certain way no matter where they live.

Become stands for Becoming who God says you are. There are a total of  5 conferences. Every year of Become we teach different subject matters that have to do with “Becoming who God says you are.”

Below is a list of the current conferences which are being held in multiple cities / states.



The first conference is the foundation for the rest of the conferences. We walk through Ephesians 1:1-14 looking at the spiritual blessings that come with being a child of God

Become Still

Teaches girls the importance of being quiet before the Lord. They learn how to tune out the other voices and hear God speak personally to them.

Become Grown

A study on maturing; physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will look at what it means to become grown up.

Spiritually – to train them how to study the bible for  themselves and the importance of serving others.

Emotionally – to help them learn to control their emotions and not be controlled by their feelings.

Become Free

An eye opening study that shows how forgiveness can free you from a painful past and propel you toward being all that God intends you to be.

Become One

A study on sexual purity and how to become one with God and one with your future husband.

 If you are interested in hosting a Become Girl’s Conference in the US or would like to be part of a Become Team to South Asia, click here to contact us.