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Reproducing Disciples

The work of an evangelist isn’t done until the evangelized is an evangelist, the work of a disciple maker isn’t ...
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The gospel can't be stopped!

In South Asia, the national pastors feel strongly that God has called them to go and they know very well ...
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We won't stop, no matter what!

This was the sober and resolute statement made by a pastor recently in northeast India. When he says “no matter ...
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The Angel Candle – Fourth Week of Advent

The fourth candle is often called the angel candle. It represents the messengers who announced the birth of the Messiah. What do you ...
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The Shepherd's Candle – Third Week of Advent

The lighting of this candle is a reminder that God came for the most unlikely and insignificant people. By that ...
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The Bethlehem Candle – Second Week of Advent

The second candle, the Bethlehem candle represents peace. It symbolizes the preparations being made to receive and cradle the Christ child.  Bethlehem is a story ...
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