Urgent Need: Cows for Families

As the COVID-19 pandemic relentlessly spread across South Asia, many people were forced out of their jobs and required to stay home during the widespread lockdowns.

Staying home meant no working, and no working meant no source of income.

The coronavirus lockdown placed many families in an extremely desperate situation. With nowhere else to turn, nearly a dozen families in a village church were forced to sell their cows just to have enough money for food.
Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, many of these families were already living day to day, and the current crisis is just exacerbating their poverty.

To aid these families, HHI would like to donate a cow to each of the 11 families who were forced to sell their livestock to provide enough money for food. Each cow would cost $300 each and would provide immediate relief. Cows provide milk to drink and sell, allowing the families to have a residual and reliable source of income.

If you feel God is leading you to purchase a cow or contribute a donation towards purchasing a cow, please contact us at info@hhi.email.