Join us April 24, 2018 @ 6:30 pm to hear what God is doing in South Asia

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When you think of banquets put on by charitable organizations, what comes to mind? Rubbery Chicken, boring speakers, an appeal for money (After all that is the purpose of the banquet right?), with a long drawn out explanation as to why you should give?

We didn’t want “that” banquet. So we asked ourselves, “How do you celebrate what God is doing in South Asia in a way that is informative and profitable, yet casts a vision and show’s God at work?”

The answer? Tell the stories! Everyone loves a story!

If you attend our banquet you will hear the stories of God at work in the villages and the hearts of men, women and children (many living in areas which had not been reached with the gospel until pastors trained by HHI brought it to them). You will also have a fabulous meal, great fellowship around the tables and hopefully a vision for the people of South Asia!

We would like to challenge you with the words of one of our speakers this past year

“All that we have belongs to God; it is given to us as stewards. Since everything we have belongs to God it ALL is to be available for the work of spreading the Gospel and strengthening the Church!

Are you prepared to release what you have and invest it eternally? What do you have in your hand? Finances? Possessions? Time? Skills? Are you prepared to respond to this Kingdom Connection with Kingdom Investments to accomplish the King’s purpose?” – Tracy Shingleton

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