Connecting the Dots…

north american mission board

Our heart is to train and equip the nationals to do the work of the ministry. When we see the third generation of believers doing the work of the ministry, we know the training worked!

In 2011 Hope and Help International organized an “Encourager Conference” for some pastors in a somewhat remote area of South Asia. While we were there a pastor from another area, even a bit more remote, asked to meet with us. As we sat down for a meal together he said he knew of our work, he knew that we trained pastors. He also knew of a group of pastors who desperately needed training. He had been praying for God to send help. Then he asked, “Would you come and train my pastors?”

Without hesitation HHI said, “Yes, we will train your pastors!” And with that one conversation, in a remote area halfway around the world our story begins.

Most of the 30 men in the Timothy Leadership Institute (TLI) training were local, but Pastor Antosh, had ridden a train for about nine hours from a neighboring state to join us. He was young, enthusiastic, and eager to learn. For three years we trained this same group of pastors, including Antosh. We taught them Basic Bible doctrine and inductive Bible study, evangelism methods and church planting. We covered the basics of being an effective pastor and leader.

Antosh went back to his church and applied what he learned. Antosh trained people in his church to share the gospel. But he didn’t stop there; he also ventured into more remote villages and shared the gospel. Soon he had a small group of believers in one previously unreached village.

While he was reaching that village Antosh was also discipling several young men in his home church. He discipled them with the same materials and concepts he had been taught at the TLI. When the time was right he handed off the responsibility of that new church to one of those disciples, Pastor Stefan.

But, Antosh’s church was too small, too poor, to support Pastor Stefan. So, Pastor Moni whom we had trained years earlier and who had helped organize the TLI that trained Antosh, stepped in, and now his church is supporting Pastor Stefan, as he leads the work that Antosh started.

The nationals are training and equipping nationals to do the work of the ministry. The discipled are now the disciple makers!

We recently received a report that five more families in that village have given their lives to Christ and are willing to follow God in baptism. They have counted the cost of following Christ. And where they live it is a very high cost!

This is not the end of the story. Two of Antosh’s disciples have volunteered to cross over into an even more difficult area and begin a new work. This new area is a place where Westerners would have limited access, if we were allowed in at all.

Thank you for partnering with us to equip nationals to do the work of the ministry. Without your prayer and financial support we might not have gone. Antosh might not have been trained, those remote villages might not have heard the gospel, a man we have never met might not have been discipled, families we will now meet in heaven would have remained trapped in the darkness, and that church hundreds of kilometers away would have never had the opportunity to join God in the work of this ministry.

Perhaps the enemy has tried to discourage you recently but let the Spirit of God encourage you with this story. As a prayer partner and financial supporter of HHI you are part of the reason a small remote village, now has the gospel.

The light is shining in the darkness and the darkness is retreating!

Join God at work in South Asia!