Being HIS Ambassadors

Every time I have the opportunity to travel on a mission trip, I am always amazed at the way God uses us, His children, to participate in work for His kingdom. Even though each of us are small of our own accord, God grants us opportunity and privilege to be His ambassadors in the world. How amazing is that?

Recently, a team of individuals, including myself, had the opportunity to travel to South Asia and witness what God is doing halfway across the world. During our two week adventure we travelled to the Himalayan Mountain Region and South India.

On our first stop our team trekked high up into the Himalayan mountains for a three day Kids Camp. On the first day we were greeted so sweetly by the children in attendance and the staff at the camp, and their kindness continued throughout our time serving. During camp our team was responsible for leading three different groups of children split up by age. We did crafts, played games, and sang songs with the children in our groups. One of our team members delivered daily stories about creation. While there was no set schedule for the camp we allowed the Lord to lead each day and accomplished what He desired. Even though we were  there to be of service to the children and teachers at the camp, all of us left incredibly blessed by our experiences.

After a short stay in Delhi we travelled to South India to work with a wonderful woman named Dolly. She and her staff were so kind to us during our time at camp and made us feel welcomed immediately.

This kids camp was slightly different from the first camp in the mountains. During this kid’s camp we were aids to the teachers in three different groups of children. Every morning, we would sing with the children, hand out snacks, and listen alongside them as they heard the story of Abraham. After story time each day we would help the children complete a craft related to the story of Abraham. After a short lunch break we would color, play games and sing songs with the children until they left on the buses to go home.

The memories I have from this trip to South Asia will always hold a special place in my heart. I think sometimes God calls us out of the places where we reside so that He can reveal truths that challenge us. Something that deeply struck me during this trip was how devoted those we worked with in South Asia are even in the midst of persecution. I think here we often fall into routine when it comes to pursuing God. Instead of embracing the amazing life God has granted to us the opportunity to live, it becomes easy to make following God a chore. Most believers in South Asia understand that we get to follow God, not that we have to follow Him, and this is evident in the way they worship and put their faith at the forefront of their lives. It amazes me how persecution does not often dampen the faith of those effected, but instead, it causes an even sweeter, deeper devotion.

Every time someone asks me about my favorite part of the trip, I always say the people. I count it a blessing when I have the opportunity to travel and get a glimpse of people’s lives in other places around the world because it really puts a lot of things in perspective. South Asia is unlike any place I’ve ever been before, yet I very quickly fell in love with the sweet people God has placed there. I think every person on our team would agree that even though we went there to serve, we returned blessed and challenged in ways unexpected.

I encourage you to keep praying for God to open doors in South Asia. Keep the children and people of South Asia in your prayers and thank God for the impact Hope and Help International is having on them! Your prayers and support are truly helping to shine the light of Christ in a place where it’s greatly needed! 

Madison H – 2018 Kids Camp